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Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis studied composition with Jonty Harrison at the University of Birmingham. He is currently Professor of Music at Bangor University, where he teaches composition and directs the Electroacoustic Music Studios. His music is concerned with the phenomenon of sound as compositional material, and often uses technology in its realisation and performance.

Notable awards include PRS, Bourges ‘Euphonie d’Or’, Stockholm Electronic Arts, Hungarian Radio, ARTS XXI Valencia, CIMESP São Paulo, KLANG Montpellier. Recent projects include ‘LEXICON’ (supported by Wellcome Trust), an audiovisual work about dyslexia, which has been seen by more than 1700 people in live performances across the UK; and ‘Fern Hill’ for orchestra and electronics, commissioned as part of the centenary celebrations of poet Dylan Thomas, and premiered live on Radio 3 by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. In 2016 ‘Fern Hill’ won first prize in the KLANG competition, Montpellier.

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